FAQ - Clients

FAQ - Clients

GEMT stands for Ground Emergency Medical Transportation Services (GEMT). 

The GEMT program provides supplemental payments to publicly owned or operated qualified GEMT providers. 

The supplemental payments cover the funding gap between a provider’s actual costs per GEMT transport and the allowable amount received from Medicaid and any other sources of reimbursement. 

These are all approximations of timely filing. They are subject to change by the insurance and do not cover every scenario. Please contact your insurance for more details. Time frames from date of service:

  • Medicare/Replacement: 1 year
  • Commercial medical: 1 year
  • Commercial UHC: 90 days
  • Medicaid/Replacement: 6 months
  • Auto: 2-5 years
  • WMC: 7 years
  • Veterans Affairs: 1 year
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